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5 Benefits of Managing and Paying All Your Bills From Your Phone

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With the rise of online payment options and the decline of paper statements, many people are switching to online payments for all their bills. While online bill-pay is much more convenient than filling out a check and mailing it to a biller, you can make the process easier by paying and managing your bills from one app on your mobile phone. 

In today’s post, check out how a bill-pay app can give you the tools you need to organize and pay your bills from your phone.

How do you manage and pay all your bills from one device?

Bill payment used to be a time-consuming task where you had to write out a check for each household and personal bill, fill out any relevant payment forms, and then mail your payment to the correct business or organization. Since you had to keep track of all your billers’ information and ensure you were sending your payments to the right location, the process was confusing and often led to mistakes.

The development of new technology and the internet has made bill-pay easier on consumers, but paying your bills online still comes with some challenges. For example, online payers have to track all their bills’ due dates, remember User IDs and passwords for multiple sites, and organize their expenses on their own. 

We created our bill-pay app to fix these problems by giving users a central location to manage and pay their bills. The TiFiPay app allows you to easily upload all your bills to the app, and then the app leverages our intuitive interface to organize them for you. As one of the ways to organize bills, TifiPay empowers you to manage your bills with ease and allows you to pay all your bills directly from the app.

5 Advantages of paying all your bills from a bill-pay app on your phone

If you’re considering a bill-pay app to help you manage and pay your monthly bills, you’ll want it to consolidate your bills. By putting all your bills in one app, you’ll be able to more easily track, pay, and organize your expenses. Plus, paying all your bills from your phone can protect you from fraud and lower your risk of making a late payment. Find out more about these benefits of bill-paying via an app below: 

1. Easier bill tracking

If you’re paying several bills each month, it can be hard to keep track of them and know when they’re due. By deciding to use a bill-pay app to manage all your bills, you’ll find that it’s easier to track them. When they are all in one place, you can easily check due dates, know much money is due every month, and easily organize your finances.

2. Faster bill paying

Instead of having to remember your username and password for multiple sites each month, a bill-pay app can help you pay your bills from one location. You’ll simply need to sign in to the secure app and then use it to pay off all your expenses in one interface. As a result, you can save lots of time each month by using a bill-pay app to send payments to billers from one location.

3. More security

In general, paying your bills online is much more secure than paying them via the mail. Unlike the passwords, usernames, and security protocols that businesses and organizations use to protect their online users, paper bills don’t have much security. If your paper bills fall into the wrong hands, someone can open your letter and use the information inside to commit identity theft. By switching to online payments and using a secure bill-pay app, you’ll better protect your financial information and stop bad actors from stealing your identity.

4. Increased organization

Organizational expert Barbara Hemphill famously said, “Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.” This quote is certainly true when managing your money. Often the best way to take control of your money is to organize your bills so you know what needs to be paid and when they’re due. By digitally managing your expenses, you can easily check your payment history, account balances, and upcoming due dates. All this information makes it simple for you to increase your organization and quickly budget for the future.

5. Reduced risk of late payments

Another advantage of paying your bills from one location is this reduces the risk of late payments. With TiFiPay, you’ll receive reminders about the due dates of all the bills you’ve added to the app. As a result, it’ll be easier to remember when bills are due, and you’ll be less likely to make a late payment.

Manage and pay your bills from your phone with TiFiPay

When using the TiFiPay app for your bill-pay solution, you’ll be taking more control of your money and your life. Our app gives you all the tools you need to manage and pay your bills in a simple-to-use interface. 

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